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A consortium of automakers including Audi, BMW Group and Daimler will use the Here unit in their plans for driverless cars, but it will consider licensing the technology to other companies. After closing its takeover of DirecTV, the telecommunications giant announced its offering includes high-definition and digital video recording services, wireless phone service and a data plan. The growth of social media has spawned a national holiday ? sometimes two ? for seemingly every day of the year. It is an instinct as old as America itself. Advertisers work with people who have millions of YouTube subscribers or social media followers to turn promotions into person-to-person conversations. Autonomous aircraft firing lasers for three months at a time? Not bad. Open-sourcing the whole project? Maybe even better. For as long as there has been a commercial Internet, there has been fuzziness about what is or is not a tech company. And the question has only become more complicated. Dealers at the inaugural fair wanted to harness the newfound wealth of the tech class, and curators hoped to highlight a connection between Pacific Northwest and Pacific Rim culture and artists. Bradley Tusk, a former campaign manager for New York?s last mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg, is starting Tusk Ventures, a political consulting firm geared toward helping start-ups work with ? and in some cases, beat back ? government regulators. The chief executive of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, disclosed that he and his wife, Priscilla Chan, are expecting a baby girl. The road to get there wasn?t easy. Two technology journalists from The New York Times assess the week?s major news stories from Silicon Valley, including earnings announcements from Facebook and Twitter.