Graphic Style

A major aesthetic in the history of type design, Clarendon has been revisited many times since its appearance in the middle of the 19th century. Drawn by François Rappo, Clarendon Graphic was designed to bring the graphic identity of the genre to a new level and complete its modernist potential.


Each style, from Hairline to Black, achieves an exceptional optical balance. Through the quality of its details, Clarendon Graphic is a highly graphic, fluid and dynamic typeface. It works beautifully, both at large and smaller sizes as it has been specifically optimized for text. Each style offers a full set of Small Caps with their respective punctuation; each cut, both roman and italic, has a complete set of titling figures, ranging figures, short-ranging figures; and tabular and proportionnal options. And, for the first time, a modern Clarendon has two complete sets of italics: one Slanted Roman and one true Cursive Italic. Finally, the family is completed with a set of fresh and playful Stencils cuts.


Through the quality of its design and the variety of its 26 styles, Clarendon Graphic covers the entire range of applications of contemporary graphic design: from display to running text, from the page to architecture.