Dada Grotesk is a typeface designed by deValence for the fabulous exhibition, Dada, which took place in 2005 at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Its design was based on a typeface called Aurora Grotesk, which was used on third and fourth issues of Dada journal. 

Aurora Grotesk’s origins can be traced to Wagner & Schmidt, a company specialized in punch-cutting and engraving in Leipzig. The company sold matrices to many European foundries in the early twentieth century, which resulted in the same typeface appearing under multiple names and being distributed by different foundries, such as Edel Grotesk from Ludwig Wagner foundry or Cairoli from Nebiolo foundry. Aurora Grotesk was eventually used by Dada artists in some of their avant-garde publications.

While maintaining the idiosyncrasies of the original drawing, deValence developed a contemporary typeface, which is available as a complete family. With its modulated stroke curves—resembling hooks—and terminals finishing at varying angles, this sans-serif typeface presents an interesting warmth and dynamism.

Dada Grotesk
10 styles

Light Italic
Book Italic
Medium Italic
Bold Italic
Heavy Italic