Hermes is a reinterpretation of a typeface sample named Epoca, produced by a Hermes 3000 typewriter. Through its simple geometrical shapes and low-contrast strokes, the typeface embodies the idea of modernity at the age of mechanical writing machine. The Hermes 3000 is a lightweight portable typewriter that was manufactured in Switzerland. Easily recognizable by its seafoam color, the original Model 1 was introduced in 1958. Notably, it was the last typewriter Jack Kerouac owned—he used it from 1966 until his death in 1969, after which it hit the auctions at Christie’s, in 2010.

As monospaced fonts were customary on typewriters, Hermes undoubtedly keeps certain features from this original parameter. Although, Hermes has been adapted proportionally for improved texture and legibility. Its rounded ends give it a certain warmth while its reminiscent fixed-width and geometrical aspect simultaneously give it a more rational and mathematical edge. Intended to work well in long texts and in small sizes, the spacing has intentionally been widened, which is also helpful in web usages.

Hermes Condensed
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6 styles

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