Plain Pan offers an extended character set, which supports languages that use Cyrillic and Greek alphabets, in addition to those which use the Latin alphabet. It provides accurate and genuine letterforms created for international communication. 

Every word could be a logotype. Text composes effortlessly balanced lines. Plain works from footnote to poster sizes. The graphic aesthetic is unique yet universal.

Plain investigates the rational simplicity of modernism and brings it to a new level of achievement. Few typefaces achieve this state of visual alchemy, which is epitomized by the classic Helvetica from times in which photo lettering was ubiquitous. Plain is incredibly fluid thanks to a drawing that is neither constrained by a geometrical approach nor structured according to the idiosyncrasy of the stroke. Glyphs are designed optically as plain surfaces and, beneath an apparent modern simplicity, their dynamic interactions create a distinct identity.

Plain is the accomplishment of years of research by François Rappo, whose Theinhardt family had set a milestone in revivalist Grotesque typeface design. Plain comes in an exceptionally large range of weights offering to graphic designers a multi-sided tool, ready to prove its utility.

Plain Pan
24 styles

Pan Skeleton
Pan Skeleton Italic
Pan Hairline
Pan Hairline Italic
Pan Ultrathin
Pan Ultrathin Italic
Pan Ultralight
Pan Ultralight
Pan Thin
Pan Thin Italic
Pan Light
Pan Light Italic
Pan Regular
Pan Italic
Pan Medium
Pan Medium Italic
Pan Bold
Pan Bold Italic
Pan Extrabold
Pan Extrabold Italic
Pan Black
Pan Black Italic
Pan Super
Pan Super Italic