Following the releases of Plain in 2014 and Apax in 2016, we launched Rand in 2019 to conclude this trilogy dedicated to François Rappo’s research on the grotesque genre. As Plain investigates the rational simplicity of modernism and Apax re-evaluates the visual grammar of constructivism; Rand explores the shapes that brought a certain spirit and warmth to the rigidity of modern design—emerging notably from The New York School. While some glyphs, like the “a”, inherit the elemental clarity of Swiss Rationalism, other glyphs borrow from design icons such as the “t” from the Westinghouse logo by Paul Rand.

Rand was born out of a constantly and evolving practice rather than from an initial concept. Combining specific design references and his researches in legibility, Rappo achieved a true visual alchemy. Its organic texture and balanced rhythm will enhance any editorial work. A monospace program is also offered. With its shortened capitals and well-studied proportions, Rand Mono perfectly completes this new font family by extending its range of competencies.

14 styles

Thin Italic
Light Italic
Medium Italic
Bold Italic
Heavy Italic
Black Italic

Rand Mono
10 styles

Mono Thin
Mono Thin Italic
Mono Regular
Mono Italic
Mono Medium
Mono Medium Italic
Mono Bold
Mono Bold Italic
Mono Heavy
Mono Heavy Italic