Ceremony is an unprecedented typeface designed by Studio Joost Grootens, which derives from their information design practice. Including an extended Latin character set, Ceremony is fundamentally an impressive and exciting labels and icons typeface family.

Based in Amsterdam, Joost Grootens is well-known for his innovative approach to atlases—a field for which he regularly set new milestones in compelling books, including Metropolitan World Atlas published in 2005, Atlas of the Conflict published in 2010, and Atlas of the Functional City in 2015, to name just a few. To meet the specific requirements of his map and index designs, with his studio, Grootens developed a library of icons that, over a six-year period, was continuously added to and refined. The resulting typeface is an outstanding tool that defines a new standard for typography in information design.

The Ceremony family includes seventy-seven different styles, presenting positive and negative geometric shapes. Each style encapsulates one hundred and seventy-eight pictograms, in addition to a complete Latin character set. This useful and cheerful typeface will certainly enhance graphic representations of any project.

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79 styles

Black A
Black B
Black C
Black D
Black E
Black F
Black G
Black H1
Black H2
Black I
Black J
Black K01
Black K02
Black K03
Black K04
Black K05
Black K06
Black K07
Black K08
Black L1
Black L2
Black L3
Black L4
Black M1
Black M2
Black N1
Black N2
Black O
Outline A1
Outline A2
Outline A3
Outline B
Outline C
Outline D1
Outline D2
Outline E
Outline F1
Outline F2
Outline G1
Outline G2
Outline H1
Outline H2
Outline H3
Outline H4
Outline I
Outline J
Outline K01
Outline K02
Outline K03
Outline K04
Outline K05
Outline K06
Outline K07
Outline K08
Outline K09
Outline K10
Outline K11
Outline K12
Outline K13
Outline K14
Outline K15
Outline K16
Outline L1
Outline L2
Outline L3
Outline L4
Outline L5
Outline L6
Outline L7
Outline L8
Outline M1
Outline M2
Outline M3
Outline M4
Outline N1
Outline N2
Outline O
Sans Mono