A sleeping beauty from the modern Swiss typography tradition, Media has resurfaced in a newly digitalized version, four decades after it was first sketched. Created by the legendary Team’77, the typeface has been dexterously revitalized.

In 1974, André Gürtler, Christian Mengelt, and Erich Gschwind, known as Team’77, were commissioned by Bobst Graphic, in Lausanne, to draw a text typeface specifically for phototypesetting technology. Rather than a constraint, Team’77 thought that the technical parameters of the composing system could result in interesting typographic solutions, detached from historical classifications: not another replica, but the design of a contemporary typeface with a modern purpose. Media was originally released by Bobst Graphic in 1977, after which it was immediately featured in issue no. 8/9 of Typographische Monatsblätter (TM).

Forty years later, the redrawing of Media by the original members of Team’77 Christian Mengelt and Erich Gschwind showcases their mastery: an extraordinarily sophisticated typeface with a unique aesthetic, very legible at small sizes, and full of refined details at display sizes.

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8 styles

Light Italic
Medium Italic
Bold Italic

Media77 Condensed
6 styles

Condensed Light
Condensed Light Italic
Condensed Regular
Condensed Italic
Condensed Medium
Condensed Medium Italic