NEXT Pan offers an extended character set, which supports languages that use Cyrillic and Greek alphabets, in addition to the Latin alphabet. It provides accurate and genuine letterforms made for international communication.

Designed at the intersection of two typographic archetypes: constructivism and humanism, NEXT challenges the two genres and offers a visionary aesthetic. NEXT was initiated in 2007, when Ludovic Balland was commissioned to create a new visual identity for the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. The typeface was inspired in part by Marek Sigmund’s design for the Ministry of Transportation in Poland. For the ten years following his being commissioned, Balland pursued research and development for this font project. NEXT’s mix of geometrical architecture with calligraphic strokes results in a multifunctional tool adapted both for screen and paper. At smaller sizes, the large counters offer an appreciable reading comfort, while this feature becomes very graphic and powerful on display sizes.

NEXT was conceived of as having a binary program. Each weight comes in two different variants: Book and Poster. The Book versions provide linear flows while the Poster versions offer dynamic visual rhythms resulting from a combination of narrow and wider letters.

20 styles

Pan Book Thin
Pan Book Thin Itailic
Pan Poster Thin
Pan Poster Thin Italic
Pan Book Light
Pan Book Light Italic
Pan Poster Light
Pan Poster Light Italic
Pan Book Regular
Pan Book Italic
Pan Poster Regular
Pan Poster Italic
Pan Book Medium
Pan Book Medium Italic
Pan Poster Medium
Pan Poster Medium Italic
Pan Book Bold
Pan Book Bold Italic
Pan Poster Bold
Pan Poster Bold Italic

NEXT Pan Mono
2 styles

Pan Mono Thin
Pan Mono Thin Italic