In recent decades, typography and screen technology have been intertwined. While digital screens continue to pose an ongoing issue for designers, Nicolas Eigenheer explored the potential of the limitations of pixels and how new typographic forms could be created from the parameters they impose.

Px Grotesk was designed from the rendering of typographic curves on screens. At smaller sizes, pixels sometimes brutally simplify shapes. Taking this paradox as his starting point, Nicolas Eigenheer designed a typeface that embeds a pixel-grid structure into a classic, optically adjusted drawing. The result of this method is a series of hybrid shapes that combine formal solutions from both domains. The signature pixelated look is preserved in the typeface and creates a contradictory relationship between a grid and a flexible line.

Px Grotesk has an unprecedented aesthetic with solid grotesque roots and works well both on screen and in print. Its geometrical simplification offers a spectacular legibility and sharpness at smaller sizes and reveals a sophisticated drawing at bigger sizes.

Px Grotesk
11 styles

Thin Italic
Light Italic
Bold Italic
Black Italic

Px Grotesk Mono
6 styles

Mono Light
Mono Light Italic
Mono Regular
Mono Italic
Mono Bold
Mono Bold Italic