Lucretius wrote that, “There can be no center in infinity.” Drawing inspiration from the sensation of floating in space and being pulled by gravitational forces, Void is an original and innovative display typeface. Suspended between past and future, its blobby shapes have a magnetic fluidity that suggests otherworldliness.

Designed by Malte Bentzen, Void is the outcome of a research project that looked into abstract typographic shapes that are not defined by standard writing tools. Following interest from a number of designers who wanted to use the lettering, Bentzen developed the project into a complete typeface. Reminiscent of solvent molecules, Void’s shapes challenge the rational basis of the alphabet by exploring the combining of peculiar structural elements in the manner of aqua morphic modules. Through its high-contrast anomalous forms, the design of each letter that makes up Void has a balanced movement of ink that can be described as liquid geometry. Bentzen seamlessly combines a range of references from science fiction to 1990s visual culture to create Void’s visual language. Engineered both in a variable format and three static weights (thin, regular, and bold), Void excels in display applications and easily attracts attention with its organic texture.

3 styles and Variable