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Bringing the neo-grotesque program into the realm of variable fonts, Artex is an innovative typeface designed by Valentin Brustaux. With its simplified forms tempering strict geometry, Artex proposes a distinctive graphic language in which modern efficiency meets contemporary technology. 

Eager to design a typographic tool that would equally perform as static text blocks and motion graphics, Brustaux researched thoughtful, rational shapes that could optimize the quality of transitions between the extreme widths and weights of the program. Within its overarching modern architecture, Artex incorporates modular and symmetrical forms. These specific attributes improve sharpness in static uses and streamlines transitions as a dynamic font. Consequently, Artex develops a distinctive aesthetic that effortlessly attracts attention and makes for easy retention. 

An extensible program—masterfully engineered in a variable format and 72 static fonts—Artex offers a full expansion of widths (from compressed to extended) and weights (from hairline to black). Each style includes 29 alternate glyphs, which provide a versatility in visual vocabulary and add dimension to any project.

12 styles and Variable

Hairline Italic
Light Italic
Medium Italic
Bold Italic
Black Italic

Artex SemiExtended
12 styles and Variable

SemiExtended Hairline
SemiExtended Hairline Italic
SemiExtended Light
SemiExtended Light Italic
SemiExtended Regular
SemiExtended Italic
SemiExtended Medium
SemiExtended Medium Italic
SemiExtended Bold
SemiExtended Bold Italic
SemiExtended Black
SemiExtended Black Italic

Artex Extended
12 styles and Variable

Extended Hairline
Extended Hairline Italic
Extended Light
Extended Light Italic
Extended Regular
Extended Italic
Extended Medium
Extended Medium Italic
Extended Bold
Extended Bold Italic
Extended Black
Extended Black Italic

Artex SemiCondensed
12 styles and Variable

SemiCondensed Hairline
SemiCondensed Hairline Italic
SemiCondensed Light
SemiCondensed Light Italic
SemiCondensed Regular
SemiCondensed Italic
SemiCondensed Medium
SemiCondensed Medium Italic
SemiCondensed Bold
SemiCondensed Bold Italic
SemiCondensed Black
SemiCondensed Black Italic

Artex Condensed
12 styles and Variable

Condensed Hairline
Condensed Hairline Italic
Condensed Light
Condensed Light Italic
Condensed Regular
Condensed Italic
Condensed Medium
Condensed Medium Italic
Condensed Bold
Condensed Bold Italic
Condensed Black
Condensed Black Italic

Artex Compressed
12 styles and Variable

Compressed Hairline
Compressed Hairline Italic
Compressed Light
Compressed Light Italic
Compressed Regular
Compressed Italic
Compressed Medium
Compressed Medium Italic
Compressed Bold
Compressed Bold Italic
Compressed Black
Compressed Black Italic