Conceived of to have a dual program, Basel is an innovative typeface designed by Chi-Long Trieu composed of two variants: Grotesk and Classic. Rooted in modernist typography, Basel Grotesk reinterprets key elements of this aesthetic with a new dynamism. With the same skeleton and weight gradation, Basel Classic presents characters with decisively contrasting stroke modulations.

Each variant works perfectly individually or combined, and offers spirited and contemporary characters with a foundational versatility adapted to meet modern needs. Both worldly and refined, Basel was initiated in 2013 and grew from a string of usages in various fields, from publishing to fashion. From the steadiness of Basel Grotesk to the elegance of Basel Classic, the program offers an exhaustive tool completed by a wide range of alternate options conceived to fulfill any graphic designers’ requirements.

Basel Grotesk
18 styles

Grotesk Hairline
Grotesk Hairline Italic
Grotesk Thin
Grotesk Thin Italic
Grotesk Light
Grotesk Light Italic
Grotesk Regular
Grotesk Italic
Grotesk Book
Grotesk Book Italic
Grotesk Medium
Grotesk Medium Italic
Grotesk Bold
Grotesk Bold Italic
Grotesk Black
Grotesk Black Italic
Grotesk Super
Grotesk Super Italic

Basel Classic
18 styles

Classic Hairline
Classic Hairline Italic
Classic Thin
Classic Thin Italic
Classic Light
Classic Light Italic
Classic Regular
Classic Italic
Classic Book
Classic Book Italic
Classic Medium
Classic Medium Italic
Classic Bold
Classic Bold Italic
Classic Black
Classic Black Italic
Classic Super
Classic Super Italic