A milestone in the development of grotesque type design, Theinhardt was designed by François Rappo, after studying the origins of sans-serif typefaces emerging from the late nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries. The typeface is named after Ferdinand Theinhardt, whose visionary approach significantly shaped modern typography as he opened a new range of possibilities for the grotesque genre—scholars are continuing to uncover details about this fascinating typographic saga. Theinhardt was released nearly fifty years after the revolutionary arrival of neo-grotesque typefaces, which thrived in the Swiss-style context. Looking at this fantastic line of descent, François Rappo meticulously created a new typeface, valorizing the quality and heritage of its sans-serif ancestors.

Theinhardt is composed of nine complementary weights, each masterfully drawn with their corresponding italics and offering a wide range of possibilities. A solid and well-proven typeface Theinhardt combines the best historical features of early grotesque typefaces in a contemporary adaptation fit for extensive modern usage. It is “the original grotesque” par excellence.

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18 styles

Hairline Italic
Ultralight Italic
Thin Italic
Light Italic
Medium Italic
Bold Italic
Heavy Italic
Black Italic

Theinhardt SemiExtended
18 styles

SemiExtended Hairline
SemiExtended Hairline Italic
SemiExtended Ultralight
SemiExtended Ultralight Italic
SemiExtended Thin
SemiExtended Thin Italic
SemiExtended Light
SemiExtended Light Italic
SemiExtended Regular
SemiExtended Italic
SemiExtended Medium
SemiExtended Medium Italic
SemiExtended Bold
SemiExtended Bold Italic
SemiExtended Heavy
SemiExtended Heavy Italic
SemiExtended Black
SemiExtended Black Italic

Theinhardt Extended
18 styles

Extended Hairline
Extended Hairline Italic
Extended Ultralight
Extended Ultralight Italic
Extended Thin
Extended Thin Italic
Extended Light
Extended Light Italic
Extended Regular
Extended Italic
Extended Medium
Extended Medium Italic
Extended Bold
Extended Bold Italic
Extended Heavy
Extended Heavy Italic
Extended Black
Extended Black Italic

Theinhardt SemiCondensed
18 styles

SemiCondensed Hairline
SemiCondensed Hairline Italic
SemiCondensed Ultralight
SemiCondensed Ultralight Italic
SemiCondensed Thin
SemiCondensed Thin Italic
SemiCondensed Light
SemiCondensed Light Italic
SemiCondensed Regular
SemiCondensed Italic
SemiCondensed Medium
SemiCondensed Medium Italic
SemiCondensed Bold
SemiCondensed Bold Italic
SemiCondensed Heavy
SemiCondensed Heavy Italic
SemiCondensed Black
SemiCondensed Black Italic

Theinhardt Condensed
18 styles

Condensed Hairline
Condensed Hairline Italic
Condensed Ultralight
Condensed Ultralight Italic
Condensed Thin
Condensed Thin Italic
Condensed Light
Condensed Light Italic
Condensed Regular
Condensed Italic
Condensed Medium
Condensed Medium Italic
Condensed Bold
Condensed Bold Italic
Condensed Heavy
Condensed Heavy Italic
Condensed Black
Condensed Black Italic

Theinhardt Compact
16 styles

Compact Hairline
Compact Hairline Italic
Compact Ultralight
Compact Ultralight Italic
Compact Thin
Compact Thin Italic
Compact Light
Compact Light Italic
Compact Regular
Compact Italic
Compact Medium
Compact Medium Italic
Compact Bold
Compact Bold Italic
Compact Heavy
Compact Heavy Italic

Theinhardt Mono
12 styles

Mono Thin
Mono Thin Italic
Mono Light
Mono Light Italic
Mono Regular
Mono Italic
Mono Medium
Mono Medium Italic
Mono Bold
Mono Bold Italic
Mono Heavy
Mono Heavy Italic