Picture me and then you start watching (New Order, Ceremony)

Designed by Studio Joost Grootens, Ceremony is an unprecedented typeface. Drawn for use in small sizes, it combines a full extended latin character set with 178 pictograms, all encapsulated in 77 different positive and negative geometric shapes.


Based in Amsterdam, Joost Grootens is well-known for his innovative thinking on Atlases where he regularly set new milestones in compelling books – Metropolitan World Atlas (2005), Atlas of the Conflict (2010) or Atlas of the Functional City (2015) to name but a few. To meet the specific requirements of his map and index designs, Grootens and his studio developed over a six year period a library of icons that was continuously extended and refined. The resulting typeface is an outstanding tool that defines a new standard for typography in information design.


Grootens designs books in the fields of architecture, urban space and art. A monograph about his work titled I swear I use no art at all was published by 010 Publishers in 2010.

Ceremony by Studio Joost Grootens