Politics is a geometric sans-serif typeface with unique features evoking early technological limitations. Its basic design structure and large x-height make it very legible and create a text rhythm that is reminiscent of a serial number identifier.

With the development of technologies such as optical-character-recognition (OCR), magnetic-ink character recognition (MICR), and even the computer, the first alphabets designed for these machines presented either radical geometric differentiation or a crude bitmap look. Politics is an attempt to refine a raster font in order to produce a modern typeface. It was originally developed for the book project Timewave Zero A Psychedelic Reader, which attempts to foreground research by scientists, scholars, artists, critics, and activists—using drugs as consciousness-expanding tools. Building upon early typefaces that are closely associated with science and technology seemed appropriate.

While maintaining design features from its original monospace setting, Politics has been adapted proportionally for improved legibility. Its even stroke contrast, angular frame, and mechanical curves have all been preserved and contribute to its expression which is simultaneously both vintage and futuristic.

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Book Italic