Gravostyle Basic is a sans-serif typeface with rounded terminals, inspired by the letterforms produced by a generic Swiss engraving font system. 

Developed while part of a student collective named //copy//, Niels Wehrspann began developing Gravostyle Basic after finding a sample, which illustrated all the different letterforms that could be produced by a generic Swiss engraving font system. The machine was used to engrave text onto mailboxes and door address plaques, for example. Interested by the constraints and limitations of the system and by the rounded shapes being created by the mechanical engraving head as it went around the letter skeleton, Wehrspann maintained this very low-tech style throughout the drawing. Gravostyle is characterized by monoline strokes and softly rounded terminals. Its friendly look is accompanied by a sense of efficiency, which benefits both editorial and display work.

Gravostyle Basic
6 styles

Regular Slanted
Bold Slanted
Black Slanted