Celebrating the glorious industrial past of the Swiss typewriter brand Hermes, Editor is inspired by a typeface called Techno, which was available on Hermes’ portable typewriter, Media.

Media was the successor of the famous model Hermes Baby. Practical and cheap—an early laptop in some ways—Media became one of the most popular choices among journalists and reporters in Europe and in the USA. In 2001, following his purchase of a typewriter model dating back to 1968 at a flea market in Lausanne, Philippe Desarzens embarked on a type design project that would become Editor. Its slightly rounded ends lend a certain softness while its fixed-width heritage and squarish look give a certain authoritativeness and effectiveness to the project. Some of Editor’s letters have been adjusted proportionally for increased legibility. Desarzens initially created the typeface in one weight for Birds at Airports, a self-published project, published in 2003, after he finished his studies. Following the release of that publication, expanded the Editor family and the typeface was launched in 2005.

6 styles

Light Italic
Bold Italic